VKSSF Alumni Association

VKSSF Alumni Association (VAA) is the official bearer of the VISION TVM 2030 Konkani Community. It was formed by the beneficiaries of Vishwa Konkani Student Scholarship Fund who have successfully completed their education and entered in to profession or career of their choice.

Since its inception in 2014 VAA has been very active by organising programmes for VKSSF Scholars and Alumnis. Its members are spread across globe today having Chapters in various citities in India.



Vidyouth is a multidesciplinary competitive festival for VKSSF scholars studying in various colleges across the country. Organised on the previous day of the Scholarship Award Ceremony every year, Vidyouth encourages all scholars to participate and celebrate the bonding within the community. The multi desciplinary events are being planned and conducted in technical and cultural sections.


Prerna – The Confluence of Ideas and Motivation is the flagship event organised by VAA- the VKSSF ALUMNI ASSOCIATION formed by the recipients of Vishwa Konkani Scholarships. Prerna is envisaged under VISION TVM of World Konkani Centre aims at building an ecosystem for motivating young people of the region in enterprenuership.

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