Enshrined in the World Konkani Centre’s mission since its formation is the commitment to uplift all sections of the Konkani speaking communities, irrespective of caste, creed or religion.

This humanist approach to equitable development has led the institution’s efforts intensified through “VISION TVM -2030 Konkani Community” to reach out to the financially needy sections and thus empower them by working with groups to help empower local people to build better communities and to make a positive impact on their surrounding environment.

Projects & Programmes

Community Development Workshops

Draw a 5 year roadmap of Development for the community in a participatory methods is the prime objective of CDWs organised by World Konkani Centre. WKC is just facilitator to encourage the stakeholders of the community to engage in a fruitful dialogue to create a development plan and implement it through various programmes.

Capacity Building Programmes

CBPs are organised to enhance the capacity of the community members in implementation of projects such as Socio-Economic Survey etc. World Konkani Centre ensures the participation of all sections and stakeholders of the community within the framework of Community Development Workshops organised prior to CBPs.

Socio-Economic Surveys

The process includes a series of Capacity Building Programmes for the volunteers from the community in field methods. The Questionnaire is pre-tested and field workers will interview the families of Konkani Community. So far Report of one such survey involving more than 5000 households has been published. Three other surveys are being conducted by the communities.

Action Plan and Implementation Workshops

API Workshops are organised to initiate programmes to implement the recommendations made in the Socio-Economic Surveys conducted by the community. The community will initiate programmes and create a mechanism to oversee the implementation of the recommendations.

Skills Development Programmes

World Konkani Centre regularly organises skills development programmes for youth from various communities as per the requirement of the community. Programmes on Leadership, Employability and Softskills are being held under the KSHAMATA academy established by the centre.

Scholarship Programmes

Community level Scholarship Programmes aimed at providing a thrust to the education in the community. Vishwa Konkani Student Scholarship Fund has established several special community scholarship programmes for communities such as Kudubi, Kharvi, Chaptekar etc. Remote areas as far as Joida or Uttara Kannada District and smaller villages in Kerala state where Konkani communities are found are being reached.