The Confluence of Ideas and Motivation

Prerna bann

Prerna – A confluence of ideas and innovation, is the flagship event organized by the VKSSF Alumni Association. The association is formed by the past recipients of the Vishwa Konkani Scholarship. Prerna is an event born out of the pursuit of Vision TVM. The event is solely aimed at building an ecosystem of motivation to help scholars of the World Konkani Centre succeed in their careers. The event also seeks to communicate the immense dedication and willpower needed to succeed at every stage of a professionals’ career, in doing so helping our scholars and alumni be brave and relentless in pursuit of their ambitions and goals.

Prerna is in essence a powerful speaker platform, which in the past has been graced by pioneer personalities. Since 2015, 37 eminent speakers have come together at Prerna and shared with us, stories and experiences that have inspired us all. Every year we aim to build on our foundation by hosting 8 speakers, who have excelled in their respective professions and have been an inspiration for many.




You will be informed about the dates and other details of the next edition of Prerna at the earliest.

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