T.V. Mohandas Pai, the well known corporate leader and visionary, a Patron Trustee of World Konkani Centre, envisioned a 30 Point Programme for World Konkani Centre. It was in 2009 November, when T.V. Mohandas Pai visited World Konkani Centre, he presented an inclusive vision for Konkani Community.


Let’s proceed with positivism and boldness. Let’s strengthen our community and make it a strong motivating force in society.

– T. V.  Mohandas Pai


Vision TVM aims to foster a vibrant, globally competitive and prosperous community of Konkani speaking people through concerted efforts at community development.

We envision a community of Konkani speaking persons from different castes, religions and backgrounds who are empowered to live with dignity and fulfillment. We envision a society that encourages all its people to participate in the development processes that enable them to be active contributors to society. We encourage people to realize the benefits of a healthy economy through capable leadership that serves the long-term interests of the society.

We envision the public and private sector working in partnership with the community development movement to fulfill the objectives of the projects we undertake so as to create a progressive and humane society.


Vision TVM is dedicated to ensuring that Konkani speaking persons of diverse incomes and backgrounds have access to developmental opportunities that are created keeping the specific needs of the community in mind.  We achieve this by building and sustaining a high performing and adaptive community development organisation that is supported by interested persons who are willing to contribute time and efforts towards realising the vision of the initiative.

Volunteering and community engagement is the path that is chosen to develop and implement creative strategies of development to enhance economic opportunities, build strong community ties and ensure a progressive framework for quality growth and development that is dynamic and sensitive to the changing needs and aspirations of its community.

Value Statement

Our work will be guided and informed by our beliefs and commitments to:

Community Leadership: We believe in building the power and leadership of Konkani speaking communities by fostering connections and supporting participation.

Inclusiveness: We respect people, value diversity and are committed to equality. We seek to create a community development institution that is reflective of the people we serve.

Innovation: We value inventiveness, creativity and the ability to take risks. We strive for excellence through continuous improvement.

Participation: We value and recognise the contribution of volunteers within organisations and communities.

Partnerships: We believe that teamwork and collaboration are essential to building stronger communities and achieving our vision for greater economic opportunity.

Themes of VISION TVM-2030

Build Knowledge Communities

The pursuit of knowledge that leads to an empowered, humane and enlightened society is considered to be a predominant aspect of Vision TVM. With 2030 being the target year, 2015 is marked by an intensification of efforts to fulfill the vision and launch new initiatives that will mobilise resources to further the agenda of building knowledge communities. Our programmes such as Scholarships, KSHAMATA and Prerna are aimed towards fulfillment of above theme under vision TVM-2030.

Safeguarding Our Heritage

The richness of our cultural heritage in the form of tangible and intangible elements stands testimony to the evolution and cultural expressions fostered by our ancestors. This cultural heritage needs to be nurtured and safeguarded and Vishwa Konkani Kendra seeks to be a forum for all activities that further this objective. In this globalised era, Vishwa Konkani Kendra seeks to safeguard this heritage by facilitating awareness, enventorying and documenting etc. Our programmes under Research are aimed towards fullfilling this theme.

Our Language Our Bond

Konkani is a living entity that encapsulates the shared experiences of its speakers. Being the mother tongue of a very small section of people who are scattered in different parts of the world, it is necessary to revitalise it and sensitise the community to the danger of losing a crucial cultural link. We works towards strengthening the existence and growth of the Konkani language by engaging with all stakeholders. Our projects such as KONKANVERTER and programmes under Literature and culture are upholding this theme.

Growing Together

Enshrined in Vishwa Konkani Kendra’s mission since its formation is the commitment to uplift all sections of the Konkani speaking communities, irrespective of religion, caste or other generally perceived  forms of differentiation. This humanist approach to equitable development has led the institution’s efforts to reach out to the financially needy sections to help empower local people to build better communities and to make a positive impact on their surrounding environment. Our programmes under Community are aimed towards achiving this theme.

Celebrating Our Culture

Vishwa Konkani Kendra functions with the belief that all humans need motivation and recognition that propel them towards achievement. A society that recognises its achievers fosters goodwill and aspirations, thus creating a circle of goodwill and progress. Be it literature, art or other socio-cultural aspects of productive living, Vishwa Konkani Kendra recognises contributions by achievers and holds up positive role models so as to encourage youth to aspire to be positive influences in society.