World Konkani Library

Realizing the need to preserve and Promote Konkani Literature in any form and also to provide in-house reference material for researchers World Konkani Library is housed at WKC.  The basic objective is to restore and preserve ancient literature available on palm leaves and other ancient books.  Steps are afoot to collect old and new printed books and literary works available on palm leaves from Kochi to Konkan.

The library also has important literary works/books of Konkani writers from all over the world in Kannada, Romi and Devanagiri scripts.  The library has procured many books that contains valuable insight into Konkani people, their language, traditions, art, culture and way of life.

Complete automisation of the Vishwa Konkani Library is in the process with the installation of Library Management System which will help to track, lend and take stock of books with computerised barcoading.

World Konkani Library

Download List of Books available in the library