Hall of Fame

World Konkani  Hall of Fame (Vishwa Konkani Keerti Mandir) is a shrine at World Konkani Centre to great Konkani Men and Women who have rendered commendable service aimed at the betterment of the society in various fields such as art, folklore, literature, education, science, technology, banking, politics and administration etc.

The Mandir consists of specially commissioned, hand painted portraits of eminent Konkani people. These portraits are aimed at acknowledging their contributions and also to give the generation next a glimpse of the Konkani people who have made valuable contributions to the society. It has become a focal point for Konkani Pride.

The shrine has been installed at the Upper floor of the Left wing of World Konkani Centre. The hall of fame is named after Shri Vittal Kini and Smt. Rukmini V. Kini recognising the generous donation made by their earnest Grand Daughter Kum. Dhamya Ramadas Kini for developing World Konkani Hall of Fame.

The Hall of Fame is open to the public for tours daily between the hours of 10 a.m. and 5 p.m. Admission is free.

You can also visit the World Konkani Hall of Fame on Wikipedia

Participate in The World Konkani Hall of Fame Project:

The portraits featured in World Konkani Hall of fame is not exhaustive, if you find you have a rare photograph of certain Konkani Stalwart not featured here, you may contribute the Scanned copy of the photograph to us so that we can commission our artist to draw a portrait of the personality. Please feel free to contact us.