Ethnic Shoppe

Bhandasaal, The Ethnic Konkani Shoppe

“Bhandasaal”  the Konkani ethnic Shoppe at WKC symbolically represents the trading spirit for which the Sections of Konkanis are famous for.  Bhandasaal means the traditional trading place in Konkani. These Bhandasaals of Konkanis were prominent in the medieval port towns of Canara as well as Goa and Malabar regions.

at Bhandasaal items such as replica of old utensils used in Konkani homes, replica of percussions and music instruments of ethnic Konkani music is available for sale. Souvenirs produced by WKC is also being displayed at the Shoppe in addition to other old memorabilia which can be presented as souvenir. Other items depicting Konkani Culture of modern and ancient times such as baskets, carpets, handicrafts, art, traditional mats, quilts, kitchen utensils etc.,  is also available at the shoppe.