VKSSF awards scholarships to Konkani students of Kerala – Report

Scholarships amounting to Rs 22 Lakhs was awarded to 150 (Degree/Engg) Konkani students from Kerala  on October 21 at Narmada Hall, Karnakodam, Ernakulam.

The award ceremony was organised by Konkani Language and Cultural Foundation (KLCF), World Konkani Centre (WKC), Mangalore and Vishwa Konkani Student Scholarship Fund (VKSSF) in association with Anugraha Charitable Trust Ernakulam, Kerala.

In his welcome address Shri R. Bhaskar Shenoi, President, Anugraha said that “the support of parents in enabling the students to excel in education is very vital. Due to the sacrifices made by parents children will be able to achieve success.” He also congratulated the beneficiary students.

Shri Pradeep G. Pai, Secretary, VKSSF, explained how under the leadership of Basti Vaman Shenoy efforts were being taken to implement ‘Vision TVM,’ 25-point programme envisioned by Shri T. V. Mohandas Pai, Patron Trustee, for WKC.

He also informed about the different workshops were being organised under KSHAMATA to bring students to excellent level. He also called upon the people from Kerala for increased involvement in training the students.

Shri R. Hari, Literary Luminary on Bharatiya Culture, who was the guest of honor said that there were three categories of people in the society. The first category of people take maximum from the society but don’t give back anything, whereas the second category of people who are businesslike taking minimum and giving back minimum to the society. And 90 per cent of society is filled with this second category of people.  The third category includes people who take minimum from society but give back maximum. And if the society has to go on the path of progress it needs more and more people belonging to the third category. KLCF and Anugraha charitable trust belong to the third category. He congratulated the World Konkani Centre for its commendable task in providing scholarships to students.

Payyanoor Ramesh Pai, President, Kerala Konkani Academy said student life is very precious. It is the golden moment in everybody’s lifetime which comes only once. Thus students should focus on dreams and make positive efforts in realizing that dream.”

“While all other languages are available at fingertips, why Konkani is not available. Why there in no Konkani online dictionary,” he lamented.

“It is the duty of the Konkani brethren to work towards the betterment of the language.” he said.

Shri Pai said that the haves have a social responsibility towards the less priviledged

Basti Vaman Shenoy, President, WKC, presided. Gurudutt Bantwalkar, Assistant Director, World Institute of Konkani Language, compered the programme and delivered the vote of thanks.

Subina S. Prabhu and Govind Prabhu, gave their feedback on behalf of student benefeciaries. A memento was given to Shri Hari by Shri Payanoor Ramesh Pai.