Hundrachi Hundulli (Goan Konkani)

Hundrachi Hundulli (Goan Konkani)

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Hundrachi Hundulli

Dialect: Goan Konkani / Script: Devanagari
Illustrations: Ibrahim Badusha and Balu
Narration by: Dr. Purnananda Chari

Konkani eBook - Hundrachi Hundulli (Children's Illustrated Konkani folktale with Read Aloud +Text Highlight feature).

How to read:
1. Android Phones and Tabs: Open this eBook in "SKY*Reader" App. (You may download the app here)
2. iPad: Open this eBook in iBooks of your iPad. Click "Start Reading" in the Read Aloud menu on the right hand side of menu bar.
3. Desktop: Use Chrome Browser, download Readium App and add our Konkani eBook. You can click the play button on the top menu to hear the voice over.