Sonia Shenoy

“Whenever you fail, pick up what you are left with and move on. Failure is the opportunity to begin everything again. Dare to dream. Never stop learning.”
-Sonia Shenoy, CNBC TV 18

Nithin Kamath

“Don’t chase money. Figure out what you want in life and build on it. When you have many options in life choose the toughest. It is very important to bet. Because if you don’t bet, you cant’ win.”
– Nithin Kamath, Founder

Mudar Patherya

“Thank your problems because they are opportunities. Play the game of life for pride. Make the world a greater place to live.”
– Mudar Patherya, Media and Branding Professional

Sandeep Bambolkar

When I win, I never ask god ‘why me’, in the same way when I fail I cannot ask god ‘why me’.
– Sundeep Bambolkar, Corporate Leader and joint MD of Indoco Remedies