Our activities are focused on two important areas. Konkani Speaking Community and Konkani Language & Culture.

With an aim to make Konkani Community the self reliant and empowered community, World Konkani Centre has initiate several Community Oriented Programmes like Scholarships, Employable Skills Enrichment Programme and Mentorship Programme.

On the other hand towards maintenance of Konkani Language and Cultue  Research and Documentation is carried out by awarding fellowships to scholars and a Language Planning in the Society at large. A practical two way approach towards regularizing Konkani Language as a subject in School curriculum of Karnataka by appointing Konkani Teachers and developing teaching methodology in parallel tracks, Foundation plans to achieve grants to school towards Konkani Teachers by Government of Karnataka within a time frame. All its activities are aimed at increasing Functional Loading to the language in all functional domains of various communities with Konkani as Mother tongue.

Community Oriented Programmes:

1. Vishwa Konkani Student Scholarship Fund
2. KSHAMATA – Employable Skills Enrichment Programme for Konkani Youth
3. Mentorship Programme for Konkani Youth
4. Capacity Building Programme for Self Employed Konkani Women

Language and Culture Projects:

1.  World Institute of Konkani Language (Research & Studies)
2. Konkani Teachers Grant
3. Incentives to Konkani Learners
4. Project for Developing Resource Material For Konkani Methodology Of Teaching To Be Introduced Into D.Ed Syllabus.
5. Vishwa Konkani Sahitya Puraskar
6.  Vishwa Konkani Sahitya – Publications
7. Vishwa Konkani Bala Sahitya – Children Literature
8. Theatrical Productions of Konkani Folktales
9. Konkani Cultural Competitions for School and College Students – Multi Regional and National
10. Seminars on Konkani Folk Narrations and Epics