Konkani Encyclopaedia

‘Vishwa Konkani Parichaya Kosh’ (World Konkani Encyclopaedia) is a unique project of the Foundation in association with the prestigious Central Institute of Indian Languages, Mysore. This encyclopaedia of the world Konkani community, the first of its kind in Konkani, in three volumes will give information pertaining to all aspects of Konkani land, people, language, literature, culture. It will record economic, social, political, historical, spiritual, industrial, educational and other contributions and achievements made by Konkani community in India and abroad. It will be a valuable and authentic reference work that will be useful to the researchers as well as the common man. It will also serve as archival document for future generations too.

The Encyclopaedia will cover:

Konkani Land: History, geography, places of significance, flora and fauna, agriculture, industries, minerals and other physical specialities.

Konkani People: Religions, castes-sub-castes, places of pilgrimage, temples, churches, mosques, mathas and temples, religious leaders, institutions (in India and abroad) and so on.

Konkani Language: History, developments, movements, institutions, dialects, scripts, achievements and so on.

Konkani Literature: History, outstanding literary works, newspapers, magazines, radio, Doordarshan channels.

Contribution of Konkanis to literature in other languages: English, Portuguese, Hindi, Marathi, Kannada, Malayalam and so on.

Education: History, development, contributions, courses, institutions.

Konkani Culture: Folklore, costumes, recipes, celebrations, rituals, festivals (Hindu, Catholic, Muslims, others)

Art: Music (classical, folk, eastern, western), drama, theatre and dance.

Cinema: History, contributions to Konkani, non–Konkani cinema, film-makers, technicians, schools and the film industry.

Outstanding Personalities: In all fields, such as politics, administration, education, religions, linguistics, literature, music, dances, theatre, sculpture, paintings, industry, science, sports, cinema, medicine, military judiciary, freedom movement, and so on.

The First Volume is in the publication stage and will be released by September 2010.