Late Shri K. K. Pai – A tribute

Late Shri Kalsanka Kamalaksha Pai

Shri K.K. Pai left for his heavenly abode on 14th Jan 2009 at the age of 88 and with his departure from this earth, a Konkani Colossus disappeared from the scene. In the death of Shri K.K.Pai, a strong, vibrant and ever responsive link between the bygone glorious past and a “Dhruvatara” for the future generation of the community was gone forever.

A man with a loving heart and a strong mind to think and resolve in clear and dispassionate perspectives was Shri K.K.Pai. Not that he was always saying, “good” and “go ahead” to us, he sometimes scolded us disapproving our ideas and thoughts and approaches to the circumstances and situations. Such was our Paimam that he moulded the thought process of two generations appearing in the scenario from 1960 till now where everybody from institutions and organisations would go to him for his blessings, guidance and decissions.

Late Shri K.K. Pai was a banker first and among the bankers he was a giant, having successfully led Syndicate Bank as Chairman & Managing Director from 1972 to 1978 and had earned a name for himself and his bank as a great innovative banker. After his retirement from the Bank he headed the Academy of General Education, Manipal as the Rigistrar and the Academy is running quite a few educational institutions.

As to Konkani Language his contribution for decades was very significant. He headed Konkani Language and Cultural Foundation as the Chairman and guided and supported our activities commendable well. But as the destiny would have it, on 14th Jan 2009 he left for heavenly abode barely three days earlier to the inauguration of World Konkani Centre on 17th Jan 2009. We did not have the fair fortune to have him amidst us on that joyous occasion and sad to say, we had to contend ourselves by observing a minutes silence praying for the departed soul. However, he would be remembered by all of us for a long time for the services he had rendered for the mother tongue Konkani.