BVS-VK Seva Puraskar 2019: Nominations Invited

Vishwa Konkani Kendra, Shakti Nagar, Mangalore has announced TWO Annual Awards in the name of Vishwa Konkani Sardar Sri Basti Vaman Shenoy the doyen of Konkani movement. The Awards are constituted to recognize outstanding contributions by Konkani-speaking individuals or organisations managed by Konkanies in fields such as Education, Governance, Social Service, Health Care, Science, Journalism, Literature (Other than Konkani Language), Performing Arts, Humanities, Industry, Commerce, Sports etc. There are separate awards for men and women. The awards are constituted as part of `Vision TVM’ which dreams of One Strong Konkani Community by 2030. Both awards carry a purse of Rs.1.00 lakh apart from a citation. Following are the criteria for nominations:

1. The Nominee can be an individual/individuals/institution.

2. The mother tongue of the Nominee should be Konkani

3. Age of the Awardee should be more than 18 years.

5. In the case of Institutions, the same should be managed by Konkani people and the founders are to be Konkanies.

7. In case of an institution, it should be in service for a minimum period of five years at the time of considering its Nomination for the award.

8. Self-nominations are allowed by individuals and institutions

Nominations forms may be downloaded from and sent to the Chairman, BVS Vishwa Konkani Seva Puraskar Selection Committee, Vishwa Konkani Kendra, Lobo Prabhu Nagar – Konkani Gaon, Shakti Nagar, Mangalore-575 016 by 20.09.2018.



23rd July 2018

KONKANI LANGUAGE AND CULTURAL FOUNDATION (KLCF), WORLD KONKANI CENTRE, LOBO PRABHU NAGAR – KONKANI GAON, SHAKTINAGAR, MANGALURU is inviting bids from interested bidders to set up a 49 KW Solar power plant. The model on Build Operate and Transfer (BOT) is preferred. WKC will make available space on the Rooftop of Hostel Building at Shaktinagar.

KLCF has entered into PPA with MESCOM in March 2018, for a period of 25 years, wherein among others the Plant require to be operationalised by 20/09/2018. Mescom has agreed to buy the power exported to the Grid at Rs.6.61 per unit.

The bidder selected shall enter into Agreement with KLCF on mutually agreed terms to make available the power to KLCF for its consumption and surplus to be exported to grid.

The sealed bids, covering exhaustive details like technical specifications and rates per unit for power consumed by KLCF and exported etc. shall be addressed to the President, KONKANI LANGUAGE AND CULTURAL FOUNDATION (KLCF), WORLD KONKANI CENTRE, LOBO PRABHU NAGAR – KONKANI GAON, SHAKTINAGAR, MANGALURU and shall be delivered before 12 noon on 01/08/2018.

For any clarifications, please contact President, KLCF, World Konkani Centre, Shakthi Nagar, Mangaluru.