Welcome to World Konkani Center

World Konkani Centre is a manifestation of the mandate given by the final resolution passed during the First World Konkani Convention 1995.

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Promotion of Konkani literature has been at the heart of activities of the World Konkani Centre.

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Ranging from Children Theatre to Cooking camps at various levels of the community spread across the region spearheads promotion of culture..

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World Konkani Centre’s mission enshrines commitment to uplift all sections of the Konkani communities, irrespective of caste, creed or religion.

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Prerna – The Confluence of Ideas and Motivation organised by VKSSF Alumni Association.

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“No Konkani child should be deprived of higher education due to lack of means.”

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Established in the year 2011 the World Institute of Konkani Language strives to promote multi disciplinary research.

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KSHAMATA is a set of learning and experiential outcomes which defines the goals of World Konkani Centre. These outcomes are intended to strengthen programme content and quality, providing each participant a deep and meaningful experience.

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Vishwa Konkani Scholarship Programme – 2019

Now money will not be a constraint to achieve your dream of Higher Education.



VKSSF Alumni Association (VAA) was formed by the beneficiaries of Vishwa Konkani Student Scholarship Fund…

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Konkani Shoppe

Visit Konkani Shoppe to buy Konkani Books online.

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